Inspired by crystal, I design this flying machine to both achieve a stable structure and the reflective property. The structure of the kite enbales it to rotate when it fIys, which intensifies the reflection phenomenon.

Semester: 2015 Spring
Intructor: Chrstine Abott
Skills: Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Photography, Physical Model Building, Laser Cut and 3D Printing

Box Kite_Sherry LiAir Flow [Converted]

The structure of the flying machine is mostly triangles, which provide stability for the flight. The skin consists of different materials and it allows me experiment with reflection and transparency. Since the tilted panels change the direction of the air flow, the flying machine can rotate when air flows through it.

Box Kite_Sherry Li

Box Kite_Sherry Li

For the final version, I introduce curved elements into the design and use wire to replace styrene so that the structure is more invisible.

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