The project called “The View From Here” is inspired by research on how to blur the boundary between urban and natural environment. The student housing located at the intersection of two major streets in Saint Louis is designed for college students to enjoy both urban life and relieve from nature.

Semester: 2014 Fall
Intructor: Jaymon Diaz
Skills: Handdrafting, Photography, Physical Model Building

The overall L shape of the building allows it to benefit from maximum sunlight from the south and west side. Furthermore, with the hallway on the interior side, the circulation is much more efficient. The ending units benefit from enjoy views from both the street side and the courtyard side, while all the other units remain the street view as all the hallway are designed inward to the courtyard.

Garden Floor Plan-01-01.jpg

The first and second floor of the housing integrate retail, programming and the center courtyard. The main entrance is from Delmar, while it is connected to a lobby entrance. Along the street there are spaces designed for a two-story restaurant on Delmar, and one story retail along Skinker. Moreover, the service alley is also designed and developed so that it can be used for entrance for bike riders.

The View From Here_Swimming Pool

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The design of the courtyard represents a sense of layering. It includes various programming includes seating area, bike storage, infinite swimming pool, yoga center, common space, fitness center, public kitchen, while they still remain connected and some privacy from each other through the strategy of layering.

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Above is six-story of housing units with total thirty-six units, including 1B1B and 2B2B.

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And the roof top includes a library, group study rooms and a roof top garden, where you can enjoy views from here.

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